Room for Two

Room for Two
Room for Two
Room for Two
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Bath Remodel Project in the Perico Bay Club neighborhood in Bradenton

  • Cabinetry: Presidential Collection
  • Doorstyle: Maple Breckinridge w/Matching Drawer Fronts
  • Finish: White Paint
  • Countertops: Corian Antarctica
  • Style: Traditional White

Updating a newly acquired snowbird condo on Perico Island

Classic style is the only thing this owner is interested in.

A decision to share a large cabinet with frosted glass and an open shelf was chosen over smaller, individual medicine cabinet storage.

Integrated Corian sinks maximize the small amount of countertop space

A clear glass shower enclosure adds to the visual space of a small area and also makes the marble tile and glass mosaic accents a focal point of the room.