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Bungalow on a Budget

A recently widowed client’s decision to simplify her life included moving into a smaller home. Like any new home, there were many projects to be completed. Hers included updating the kitchen she inherited upon moving in. As with many clients, her budget was limited.

There were a few caveats from the beginning:

1) the existing beige floor tile running throughout the house and had to be maintained;

2) she needed storage space in the small kitchen;

3) she wanted warmth.

First off, working around the existing tile meant that no major changes to layout or walls could be made (a plus for the budget, a negative for storage), so we set about maximizing accessible storage for the client. Deep drawers occupy the majority of the under-counter storage, with a couple of roll out trays next to the fridge for flexibility. Upper cabinets with adjustable shelves round out the storage capacity.

An extended conversation was had over the placement of a microwave: convenience of use vs. maximizing storage. Storage won out. That decision meant the microwave was combined with the hood and placed above the cooktop. The addition of a pull out for trash, and ample tray/bakeware storage establishes a place for everything while still be conveniently accessed.

Choosing Crew Collection’s Maple Stratford doorstyle in Butterscotch stain ensured her budget would stretch as far as possible while still maintaining the hospitable style she desired. While engineered quartz countertops are all the rage now, they are not always the most budget-friendly of options. One way to get the most value out of your countertop budget while keeping with stone is to consider granite. Engineered quartz pricing options seem to bunch in the upper-middle category, leaving very few economical choices. Natural stones like granite can more readily be found at competitive prices that maximize the value a client can receive. This homeowner chose to go that route, selecting a Santa Cecilia granite in earthy, brown tones, black accents, with flecks of garnet.

White appliances brighten things up while lending a casual softness to the narrow kitchen. A slide-in range was necessary here, opening up the short run of counter space. By removing the appliance splash and relocating the controls to the front edge of the cooktop, unnecessary visual bulk gave way to uninterrupted wall tile. This effect makes the cooking niche look as large as possible. Eclipse Linear tile was the homeowner’s choice here. The mixed media tile comes in a variety of colors, with the Tranquility finish being used here. The subtly greyed blue and green glass tiles found in the backsplash are mixed with a tumbled stone punctuate the informality desired by the new homeowner. The term ‘budget friendly’ is always relative, but this homeowner’s new kitchen fit the bill perfectly.