Part Time Residents

Part Time Residents

After more than 25 years on Florida’s Suncoast, we have worked with hundreds of part-time residents.  Our designers are no strangers to working long distance and with today’s technology – it’s even easier to create your perfect Florida home while you’re still up north.

Your new kitchen can be just as beautiful and innovative as “the one back home”.

The guest bathroom, that will be active all winter when friends from back home drop in to visit, can make your guests green with envy.

Or the master bath… imagine it as your personal retreat after a day on the links.  Pure relaxation!

Let the Duncan’s Creative Kitchens’ design team implement our Stressless Remodeling Program™ and begin working on remodeling your Florida home.   We can begin the process while you’re in town or before you arrive.  We can schedule the actual remodel while you’re up north, so you come south to the kitchen or bath of your dreams!  Call us 941-795-0798 to get started.

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We found our kitchen remodeling to be a perfect job. Every aspect we asked to be included was fitted neatly and in user-friendly fashion. The layout of the room with a definite angle made proper design important. Scott was always readily available to answer any concerns, checked frequently during the installation and constantly made us aware that the aim of Duncan Kitchens was to meet our needs in a satisfactory manner. That was truly accomplished.

- G. Luhrsen - Mt. Vernon, Bradenton