Stressless Remodeling

Stressless Remodeling

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Duncan’s Creative Kitchens is known throughout the Florida Suncoast for our exclusive Stressless Remodeling Program™.  Since our beginnings, we have designed and remodeled hundreds, if not thousands, of homes in Manatee and Sarasota Counties.  With experience comes expertise.  With expertise comes our Stressless Remodeling Program™.  While each client and project is unique, we have perfected a process that limits the stress our clients carry.

Comprehensive Interview and Consultation

How can we design for your lifestyle unless we get to know you? Our designers will schedule a visit with you in your home to explore the desires and possibilities of your project. We delve into your lifestyle: How do you live? Cook? Entertain? Eat? Shop? Which styles reflect your taste? Why are you remodeling? How does the existing space not meet your needs? These are just a few of the questions we’ll ask you when we discuss kitchen remodeling. Bath remodeling will have similar types of questions.

Relax and let Stressless Remodeling work for you

Thorough Design and Review

Based on your unique answers, we devise solutions for your specific problems. To do this, we skillfully compile a custom set of drawings to help you visualize the transformation of your space to suit your own lifestyle. Upon your review, we fine tune the precise details to your discriminating standards – ensuring a custom fit with your distinctive lifestyle.

Exhaustive Product Selection

Keeping your aesthetic style in mind, we compile a set of recommended products for your approval. We hold your hand and guide you through the options of each selection. We never let you worry if the floor will match the backsplash. Our purpose is to recommend options and to protect you from decorating dilemmas.

Meticulous Preparation

You are in complete control, while we take care of the details. We will connect you with our qualified Remodeling Partners, and act as emissary on your behalf. We will coordinate all of the schedules – while you go to the beach. In anticipation of commencement, we will provide you with helpful information to prepare your home for the remodeling process. (We’ll even give you tips on which on which restaurants to visit while your kitchen is undergoing its transformation.)

Stressless Remodeling works for kitchens or baths

Your Personal Concierge for Expert Installation

Never worry about coordinating schedules or accepting deliveries. Our personal concierge service is most valuable during the installation phase of your remodeling project. We take responsibility for a complete, accurate schedule which ensures the timeliness of your installation. We will also admit the skilled professionals into your home, communicate with them on your behalf, ensure the safety of your belongings, and make sure everyone cleans up after themselves. Communication is the key to a successful installation. You never have to deal with the headaches – we will only bring you solutions.

Happily Ever After

The most important aspect of Stressless Remodeling is that we will deliver what we promise. Your largest responsibility is to enjoy yourself. You will experience life-long happiness while you work, entertain, and live in your new space by Duncan’s Creative Kitchens.

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