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Countertop Vision: Cambria Let’s You See Your Future Today

Cambria, the quartz composite countertop manufacturer has just released two new tools to help homeowners envision their future: DragonVision and Cambria AR.

DragonVision is accessible from the Cambria website on any device and can help homeowners discover the style that is right for them. Start by selecting from the pre-designed kitchen layout that best represents your taste. From there you can change out countertop finishes, edge treatments, wall colors, and cabinet tones. It won’t give you an exact view of your kitchen, but it is a great tool to help guide a homeowner in selecting a style that suits him or her. This typs of room mock-up software has been around for awhile, but it is nice to have brand-specific finishes that you can plug in. With the advances in pattern technology over the last few years, the ability to see what a full section of Oakmoor or Brittanicca will look like can be a huge help to clients trying to make aesthetic decisions. You can launch DragonVision here.

If DragonVision is a little too mundane for you, Cambria has also gone one step further: Cambria AR. Cambria AR is an iOS fueled app available at the Apple app store. This one is much cooler and has caused me to wish for something other than my Android phone for the first time. Cambria AR allows you to scan your existing kitchen countertops, plot out the edges, and then plug realistic Cambria finishes into your existing kitchen. Pretty cool. Since it is apple-based, I haven’t been able to play with it myself, but the concept is intriguing. Watch the video about Cambria AR and download the app here.

Both of these are worthwhile tools for any homeowner who is struggling to select countertop finishes. I plan on using them myself with clients.