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Create More Space Out Of Thin Air

Have you ever tried to hunt down that one item you needed right now, only to find what you were looking for last week? The complaint I hear most from people just moving to Florida is the lack of storage in Florida homes. Without basements and attics, they wonder where they can organize all their stuff? Realtors agree, one of the chief reasons to buy a new home is space.


What if you could get more storage space without having to sell or add-on to your existing home with a minimum of trouble and expense? And, what if this could be done with someone you already trust and respect? Sound like magic? Just tap into the under-used closet space in your existing home.

Think about it – by simply using your existing closet space more efficiently,. you could double or even triple your storage capacity. And, you wouldn’t need to sacrifice one square foot of living space. Customize it to suit your needs – space for clothes, shoes, boxes, hobby supplies, Christmas decorations, and more. Don’t stop with the bedroom closets, either. Your walk-in pantry might contain a massive amount of storage space that could be put to better use. And, what about the unused areas of your garage? Do you have any wasted space there?

How can you tell?

Look in your closet. How much bare wall do you see? Check above the top shelf, in the corners, and under your hanging clothes. Wherever you see more than 6 or 8 inches of exposed wall is valuable storage space that your closet is wasting. There could be a gold mine of storage space there and you may not even know it.

Additionally, the best part is it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to squeeze every last drop of storage out of your existing closets. There are wonderfully functional and value-conscious closet systems that won’t eat into your budget.  There are also lines of standard-sized modular storage pieces that offer customized storage options that could fit your budget.

Of course, if your goal is to treat yourself to a more formal master suite, custom closet solutions with wood cabinetry styles and choices are available in any luxury furniture line.

Finally, if you are concerned about selling your home, maximized storage options can add to the value of your home. Think back to when you were shopping for a house – would a closet organization system have been appealing to you?

So, perform some storage magic in your home; make life more convenient now and add a little to your home’s value for the future. Contact us for more details.