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Make Holiday Baking Easier

Great Storage Ideas for the Home Baker

Just like a lot of people, the holidays don’t really kick in for me until the tree is trimmed, presents are wrapped, and the holiday baking commences. A personal favorite are these Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheels or my Quick Bread Cinnamon Rolls. Here are some great accessories to aide you in your baking efforts from StarMark Cabinetry.

Easy Come, Easy Go

That huge stand mixer is a definite necessity for batch after batch of cookies but lugging it from one spot to the other can be a pain. What if you could pull it out and put it back with a simple tug? A stand mixer shelf will allow you to pop the trusty workhorse up to counter height, mix away, and then return it to its home with almost no effort at all.

Spice of Life

The plethora of spices and flavorings you need for baking can be a pain to organize and retrieve. A simple pull out to organize those spices means you never have to dig to the back of the cabinet to find the mace (or the nutmeg, or the ginger…)

Storage and Retrieval

Make sure you not only know where everything is, but easy to get to and use. A variety of accessories can do that for you: chrome basket pull outs are great for mixing bowls and casseroles. Wooden roll out trays are also a painless way to fetch your baking dishes in a snap.

Mixed Meaning

Why not use cutlery inserts to organize all your measuring cups, spoons, graters, and hand beaters? They aren’t just for knives and forks anymore.

Lift Off

Your other appliances need a convenient home as well. Food processors, juicers, bread machines, store neatly away in an appliance garage, and a door that opens vertically means nothing is in the way while you put those appliances through their paces.

Hanging Around

What about those little things that store better when they hang? Not every kitchen has room for a peg board – or does it? In no more space than spices take up, a peg storage pull out will place it all at your fingertips.

It’s the Little Things

Sometimes you don’t want to make multiple trips to the pantry for all your other ingredients. What if you placed a mini-pantry next to your work space? Larger shelves for oils, vinegars, flour, and sugar will always be where you want them.

Spinning Out

Large items and corner spaces. Both can waste valuable storage capacity – unless you combine them. Lazy susan shelves conveniently located in otherwise dead corners maximizes both storage area and ease.

Please Return Your Trays

Stacking muffin tins, cake pans, cooling racks, and cookie sheets are no longer a pain. Each has its own compartment, and everything is organized and easy to grab with tray storage roll outs. Out of all of these, I think this is my favorite!

Watch the video to see some of these in action. And if you want to add these great time savers to your new kitchen, drop us a line. Happy Baking!