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Transitional Warmth for the Kitchen and Bath

When this client purchased her Perico Island condo, she knew it needed some work. Not only was the 1980’s look well passed time for an update, the new owner wanted a design to fit her lifestyle, and had a desire to impart a unique personality to her new home.

The dropped, domed ceiling was eliminated and mirrored walls were opened up to create the illusion of more space. With storage at a premium, cabinets were expanded to the new ceiling line, creating ample storage for the items she brought from Michigan. A water heater closet was re-imagined,  and now the appliance shares its home with additional pantry storage.

One thing this client knew from the start was that she required a large desk area with plenty of negative wall space to display her favorite framed artwork, making it a focal point of the light and cheery work corner.

Selecting StarMark Maple Cabinetry allowed this client to marry the traditional warmth of their Oregano stain with the straightforward lines of their Stratford door style, thus anchoring the kitchen in both the traditional and the contemporary. One of the beauties of StarMark Cabinetry is the ability to customize door styles without customizing the price: an optional door profile and slab drawer fronts didn’t cost an extra cent but married right-angled simplicity to the warm wood hues.

Understanding the granite counters would be the primary focal point sent us on a scavenger hunt. She wanted: A) Movement but not too much; B) Some color but mostly neutral; C) Cohesiveness with the cabinetry stain. Luckily, a couple of trips was all it took to settle on Neptune Bordeaux – a neutral background with linear movement and just a hint of wine tones. The ability to look at the slab layout before cutting ensured the most eye-catching segment of granite became the center of the counter-height bar top that straddles both the kitchen and the living room. And just to avoid the expected, a bullnose edge softens the counter tops when compared to the rectangular cabinet fronts and is a perfect complement to the arched stainless steel handles that adorn each door and drawer front.

Stainless steel pulls were selected to blend with the suite of Bosch appliances that were purchased from Rice’s Appliances in Bradenton.

A grey-toned blue paint on the walls adds a subdued burst of color that doesn’t require a lifetime commitment. The neutral tones of the cabinets, counters and tile floors ensures a full range of suitable colors are still available should she grow tired of the blue.

Almost all of these finishes were copied in the Guest Bath, with the exception of the blue latex. With a goal to give the Guest Bath its own vibe, a toasted beige covers the walls. This allows the color to pop off of the custom shower curtain the homeowner picked up in her travels. The blue is still well-represented there and is augmented by the thread of blue glass tile running through the shower and above the vanity.