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A Classic Revival

A Classic Revival

Unveiling a 1920’s Estate Home Kitchen Renovation

Nestled in the heart of a prominent 1920’s estate, we recently had the privilege to breathe new life into this recently purchased property where entertaining magic happens. The new homeowners desired a kitchen that would honor the classic aesthetics of their esteemed residence while infusing contemporary elements for functionality and style as they revived the former glory of this neglected home.

The transformation is anchored by StarMark Cabinetry, renowned for its quality and craftsmanship. We opted for the inset maple Gillette door style, offering a seamless blend of tradition and modernity. The two-toned cabinets are adorned in both white and Capri blue tinted varnish finish, evoking an air of elegance with a playful touch.

White Ornamental granite countertops grace the space with their pristine beauty, offering not just an exquisite visual appeal but also durability for everyday culinary adventures. Stacked cabinets reach towards the ceiling, creating ample storage while contributing to the room’s grandeur.

Display spaces are intricately woven into the design, showcasing cherished collectibles and artifacts that narrate tales of family heritage and travels. Every piece finds its home, adding layers of personality to the space.

In one corner, a cozy banquette invites intimate gatherings and heartfelt conversations over steaming cups of coffee. It’s here where memories are woven, recipes exchanged, and traditions passed down through generations.

This renovation is more than just an upgrade; it’s a harmonious marriage between timeless elegance and contemporary comforts. It pays homage to the storied past of this 1920’s estate home while eagerly embracing present-day living – it is truly classic style with a twist.